39th Annual K-9 & Kitty Fun Run

Sunny and Pups when found on the streets
Sunny and Pups when found on the streets

Team Clutch

I am proud to share HHS has saved them all! All of the pups inlcuding Momma received the best care possible and living a new life thanks to HHS. That is why I am supporting HHS this year with a run!

Sunnyside Pups story:
I recently found Sunny living on the streets in my neighborhood. She is a sweet momma that has lived in the Sunnyside neighborhood, a low-income neighborhood in Houston, all her life.

Neighbors say she once belonged to a family but the family moved out of the neighborhood and left poor Sunny homeless in the streets for 2 years now. Sunny has since had 3 litter of puppies surviving on scraps she finds on the streets.

Sunny is a strong and loving mother who is doing her best to protect her little family when trying to survive herself.

When the I found her, she had 2 puppies in tow, both about 2 months old. HHS knew we had to help this sweet family. The blonde pup is the most rambunctious of the family, he's very brave and loyal to his mother. The other pup is a shy female, the baby of the trio, and never leaves her mother’s side.

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